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World Space Week is celebrated during 4 – 10th October and building on the success of previous years, As Creatives have developed some special workshops to tie in with this year's theme: "The Moon - Gateway to the Stars". So as well as the ever-popular Interplanetary Tours, Messages from Space, The Story of Flight, The Race into Space and Space Pirates, we're now offering The World Without a Moon - and two special Time Travel Tourist days, A Visit From Neil Armstrong and A Visit from Margaret Hamilton! 

Workshops are available both during World Space Week and throughout the school year.

  • Interplanetary Tours  A fast-paced exploration of our solar system in which pupils learn and teach each other key facts
  • The World without a Moon - Since its creation over four billion years ago, the moon has been locked into the Earth's embrace. But it certainly makes itself felt - in ways uncovered by this intriguing, drama-based workshop.
  • The Race into Space - Creative maths for up to 420 pupils in a single day! 
  • Time Travel Tourists - The Appollo Adventures -  These workshops give your pupils an opportunity to meet and work with one of the people behind Apollo 11 - Margaret Hamilton (who led the team designing the mission's software) or Astronaut Armstrong himself. Your Tourist will be more than happy to meet the school at an assembly - then visit a number of classes during the day in workshops using drama techniques to bring to life the Apollo 11 adventure, and her/his role in its success.
  • The Story of Flight - The drama of the science behind our conquest of the skies
  • Lessons from Beyond - Exploring what we have learnt from space exploration – and celebrating its value
  • Space Pirates! - From proto-stars to black holes – an interactive exploration of the life cycles of stars!

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Jo Stokes
0151 708 8886

As Creatives, Studio B, Baltic Creative Campus, 49
L1 0AH Liverpool Merseyside

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