Mission Discovery Space & STEM Summer School

ISSET - The International Space School Educational Trust

6TH - 10TH JULY, 2020

ISSET’s Mission Discovery Summer School programme is a great opportunity for ordinary students to do something extraordinary.

UK and international students from ages 14 - 18 get to work with NASA Astronauts, rocket scientists and NASA personnel for a week.

In teams, students will propose an idea for their own science experiment; the best idea will be launched into space and carried out by Astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

We take over 200 students a year, broken up into teams of 6-8. We team people according to age and try to achieve an equal gender split per team. You can request to be in the same team as another student (please send us an email prior to the programme).

With help from brilliant Astronauts, NASA role models, Astronaut trainers, NASA personnel, scientists and engineers; students will learn about space and STEM through a variety of exhilarating hands-on activities, based on themes such as:

  • NASA leadership and team building
  • How space exploration benefits life on Earth
  • Experiencing the environment of space
  • Looking at different kinds of experiment and what makes them great
  • How you succeed in your dreams and ambitions

The cost for the programme is £540. Limited spaces are also available for a residential place (this is advised for those based outside of London). The Residential package is £555 extra; which covers accommodation, meals and 24-hour supervision. The Residential package starts from 5pm on Sunday 9th July.

*Achieve your DofE Gold with Mission Discovery residential package

Expected outcomes
  • Get your experiment carried out in space
  • Meet & work with inspirational figures such as NASA Astronauts and NASA Leaders
  • Work with world-renowned scientists from a variety of STEM fields

Learn how to:

  • Work successfully in a team 
  • Plan the execution of a project 
  • Achieve a goal 
  • Follow efficiently and lead effectively 
  • Deliver a persuasive presentation
  • Confidently speak in public
  • Make your UCAS application stand out!
  • Achieve your Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award
To book this activity, please contact:
Ross Barber

King's College London
New Hunt's House
Newcomen St, London
SE1 1UL London Greater London

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