Maths Workshops by The Problem Solving Company

The Problem Solving Company

The Problem Solving Company offers Maths workshops for both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the UK.
Our National Curriculum based workshops are a great way to improve the image of Maths in your school. Using large resources enables maximum participation for the groups and helps encourage communication and team skills.
As well as developing thinking skills, Maths concepts and dialogue the Maths activities will help foster a can do attitude amongst your students.
Our Maths activities are timetabled around your normal school day and the number of students participating. Ranging from groups of small students to whole primary schools Maths days or weeks, to whole year groups at Secondary school.

Expected outcomes

Students will develop generic problem solvings skills, explore ways of working within a team and individually to achieve success. Process and use Mathamatical terms and workings out. Increase resistance to continue to persitant through easy and hard challenges. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Workshops At School Ltd
01335 324820

The Barns
The Hutts Farm, Stanton Lane
United Kingdom

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