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Celebrate Science in your school with one of As Creatives' fantastic, hands-on, drama based, creative science workshops for primary and secondary schools!

What could be more creative than science? And what better way to explore science than by working with pupils’ own innate creativity? Taking approaches from the world of the arts, but always rooted in real and concrete science, our Creative Science workshops for EYFS to KS4 pupils provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them.

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Engaging and exciting workshops include:

  • Interplanetary Tours - A fast-paced exploration of our solar system in which children learn and teach each other key facts
  • The Story of Flight - Looking at ways that Science Investigators have helped humankind fulfil its dream of taking to the skies!
  • Pirate Science - Putting Science in context – with a real live pirate in school!
  • Space Pirates - Navigating the stars – a beginner’s guide to black holes and supernova!
  • Moonwalking - Where did the moon come from – and how has it impacted on our history?
  • CSI: Forces - How do different forces operate – and what do they actually do?
  • CSI: Periodic Table - A challenging mystery to engage your students with chemistry! 
  • Science Geodesic Domes - An exciting opportunity for students to build a 2m high Geodesic Dome whilst exploring STEM skills
  • Science Skills - Creating a “buzz” about Science Investigation – through drama!
  • Big Science Days - We have a whole range of other Big Science Days to choose from, including Amazing Animals (and Hair-Raising Humans!), Looking at Light and Eclectic Electricity – just ask for more details!
  • Messages from Space (space poetry) 
  • Expect the Unexpected - How can Science Investigation save lives? Learning from the past!

Why go for a performance-based approach? Well, precisely because science is dramatic, dynamic and directional!

All of the workshops are founded upon solid scientific concepts – and if you like the ideas but can’t see quite what you want, we can build a programme tailored to your own needs!

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